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San Jose domestic violence attorney, domestic violence victims, divorce, signs of abuse, domestic violence and divorceIncidents of domestic violence are often a precursor to filing for divorce. However, domestic violence victims are often hesitant to come forward for a variety of reasons. That is why a professional group is encouraging dentists and hygienists to learn the signs of domestic abuse.

Why Are Dentists Suited to Spot Signs of Abuse?

Dental professionals are uniquely able to recognize domestic abuse. First, about 70 percent of domestic violence injuries are to the head and neck—areas dentists inspect. Second, dentists typically see patients twice a year, which is often more than other medical providers.


San Jose grandparents’ rights attorney, grandparent visitation, Illinois child custody,  visitation proceedings, visitation agreementGrandparents can be the backbone of any family. Unfortunately, when families change due to divorce or relationship breakdown, grandparents can often be left out when it comes to the children.

Whether it is due to parents having to share custody, which cuts into grandparent time, or with relationships with the other parent severing, many grandparents feel suddenly left out of the lives of their grandchildren.

California law gives grandparents the right to “reasonable” visitation if they seek it in court or through mediation.


San Jose child support enforcement attorney, child support paymentsA child support agreement or order can be meaningless if the paying parent refuses to follow it. In these circumstances, the other parent can utilize a number of strategies and mechanisms to force the paying parent to make child support payment.

Under California law, both parents are responsible for the support of their children. Child support is essential to your child’s health and wellbeing. Thus, it is important to follow through with child support enforcement.

On the other hand, if you are ordered to pay child support, sometimes the amount ordered is wrong or should be changed due to a change in circumstances. Other times, the mechanisms for enforcement utilized by the other parent are not based on true or complete information.


San Jose separation agreement attorney, legal separationA legal separation is an alternative to divorce and means that a couple's marriage is not completely over. However, a legal separation does mean that certain steps are taken to wrap up a marriage—steps similar to divorce.

Why Would Someone Opt for a Legal Separation?

A couple may not be sure they want to end their marriage and therefore do not want to rush to divorce. Because legal separation requires some of the same steps as required in a divorce, a separation can be a way to test the waters.


San Jose child custody attorney, parental responsibility proceedingsIn parental responsibility proceedings, which are also called child custody hearings, children may make it known to parents what their preferences are as to where they want to live and how often they wish to see each parent.

If your child has opinions on this issue, a judge will consider the child’s wishes; however, the child does not have the ultimate say.

Illinois Law on a Child’s Preferences

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