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San Jose child custody attorney, child-parent timeSummertime often brings a change to child custody arrangements. Summer schedules allow for more time for parents to spend with children and may mean that the child lives with a different parent.

If done right, summer can be a great bonding time for parents and children. However, because summertime often means a change in visitation schedules, problems can emerge.

If you have any questions about what your custody arrangement means for your family this summer, you should speak to a family law attorney to settle any possible disputes at the outset.


San Jose custody order modification attorneyAre you or your child unhappy with your custody order? Whether you agreed to an arrangement or whether the order was handed down after a hearing, you may be able to modify your custody order.

However, simply because you want a change does not mean that a court will entertain your request. There are specific steps and showings required.

Does the Other Parent Agree?


San Jose, CA paternity attorney, birth certificateCalifornia law assumes that the man married to the mother at the time of birth is the father of the child. However, when many children are born, the parents are not married.

According to the Center for Disease Control, 40.2 percent of all births are given by unmarried women. When this occurs, there is no presumed father, unless the father signs a document acknowledging that he is the father or unless the mother or the state begins proceedings to establish parentage.

What Signing the Birth Certificate Means


San Jose community property attorney, property asset division, divorceCalifornia law is a community property state. This means that property acquired during the marriage often belongs to both spouses. Upon divorce, the parties must divide the property in which they each have an interest. This process—called property asset division—can be complex and often requires the services of a family law attorney.

In order get a basic understanding of community property, you should be familiar with the three classifications of property under California law.

1. Community Property


San Jose child custody attorney, parental rightsIf you are considering relocating with your child, or believe your child's other parent is considering relocation, you should contact a lawyer right away. These are complicated cases, and there are usually several variables that can influence a court’s decision. Also, the stakes are high for both parents and a skilled attorney will give you the best chance at getting the outcome you seek.

For the parent seeking to move away with his or her child, if you do not get approval and move anyway, the court may determine that you kidnapped your child. At the very least, the court will be disapproving of your failure to seek a new parenting plan.

For the non-moving parent, you could lose the frequent interaction you have with your child and also incur travel expenses.

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