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San Jose Divorce Lawyer

Santa Clara County Divorce Attorney and Certified Family Law Specialist

The Dominion Law Group, LLP is led by San Jose divorce lawyer Kevin Hutcheson who is also a certified family law specialist. Our family lawyers know that the sooner you resolve your divorce problems, the sooner you can move on with your life. But, depending on where you are in the marriage dissolution process, you may not be ready to aggressively pursue action against your estranged spouse. With our San Jose divorce lawyers, you can take the time necessary to decide what actions you want to take and how you want to pursue your best interests. Because the emotional challenges of divorce are significant, we are ready to listen to you and present you with options that fit your goals. We will never impose a "one-size-fits-all" formula on you. Instead, we will respond to you and, when you are ready, we will find the quickest way to address the issues you face while our legal team protects your rights and interests.


It is important to keep the emotional strain of a divorce from negatively affecting your children. We can help you implement a custody solution that protects your child's best interests.


Our attorneys utilize their extensive knowledge of the law and professionals such as investigators and appraisal experts to guide you through your property and asset division issues.


We approach spousal support and alimony issues with an extreme attention to detail. Our experienced lawyers are ready to fight for your rights either through negotiation or litigation.

Divorce Litigation and Collaborative Law Lawyer in San Jose

The traditional approach to divorce is appropriate in cases where you and your spouse are not able to work together. When our family law lawyers represent you in litigation, we aggressively represent your interests in court to address matters involving visitation rights, property division, child support, spousal support, paternity, and military divorce.
Collaborative law is a new approach to marital dissolution is appropriate in cases where you and your spouse can work together (with the help of professionals) to craft a resolution that works for you and your family. When both parties are willing, our collaborative law attorneys can help you resolve your divorce issues as painlessly as possible.

Family Law Attorneys in Santa Clara County

Our family law attorneys in Santa Clara County know that a divorce can be psychologically and emotionally painful. Our attorneys understand your emotions and we take the time to listen to your concerns. We offer personal and compassionate family law representation and we do so as efficiently as possible to keep your cost down and help you move past what may be a difficult time in your life. We can be aggressive when necessary but we are compassionate with our clients always.

For a consultation with an experienced San Jose family law lawyer, call 408-288-5592 or contact one of our family law attorneys online. If you are going through a divorce you need to find representation as soon as possible. Our family law divorce attorneys represent clients throughout the whole Bay Area including the cities and counties of San Jose, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda, Campbell, Morgan Hill, Los Gatos, Cupertino, Milpitas, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto, and around the San Francisco Bay Area.

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What has impressed me about Kevin is that he is honest and efficient in tackling the various roadblocks that have come up in my case. Whenever I would present a difficulty or question, he would clearly present to me my options. In addition, he has always had my financial situation and my personal wishes in mind. I have appreciated that he has maintained a professional stance when others would choose to get emotional. I highly recommend Kevin!

- Satisfied Client

Kevin has a wonderful reputation throughout the South Bay as one of the few attorneys who has integrity. Integrity is something hard to find these days with attorneys. He gets the job done! I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a hard charging and aggressive attorney who is not afraid to work. His legal staff is also some of the best in the legal field.

- Satisfied Client

Kevin was recommended to me by my uncle and was at first reluctant about changing my lawyer. First day in court and I was blown away with the way he work and defend my case. In fact, it was also obvious that the Judge was very impressed with him too. He is very organized, prepared and aggressive in court not to mention very knowledgeable in this aspect. He won my case and got more than I am expecting for. Thank you Kevin! You are awesome!

- Satisfied Client

I hired Kevin after being referred through a friend ( he handled her divorce case ) to assist me with child custody issues. He was amazingly professional, was in contact with me constantly and even called me a couple days prior to court days as a reminder. The process itself is quite tedious and I'm glad his experience and knowledge was there to guide me through all of it.

- Satisfied Client

As matters progressed, we found that Kevin's knowledge of the law superceded that of the opposing lawyer, giving us an advantage in the litigation and peace of mind during a contentious situation.

- Satisfied Client

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