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CA child support lawyerThe experience of having a child can be one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. However, even though there are many childbirths each year, there has been a significant decrease in that amount over the past several years. Many reasons may include lack of financial stability, shifted focus on career goals, or even a simple fear of having to potentially file for divorce and obtain child support.

Statistics Showing Decrease in Birth Rates

The birth rate has reached a historic low in the state of California, mostly due to the decision by a large number of millennials to put off parenthood to establish a career and to obtain an education.


CA divorce lawyerThe process of filing for divorce can make for a very stressful experience. When a married couple decides to file for divorce, each party can be affected financially and emotionally, and each spouse’s self-esteem can be destroyed. When attending the divorce hearing, each spouse may not know what exactly to wear for this occasion. However, each spouse must know that the divorce hearing is a formal event, and an appropriate presence is to each spouse’s advantage.

The Importance of Presence During a Divorce Hearing

The judge in a divorce case must base his or her final decision on the testimony or evidence. However, how a person dresses and his or her presence can be the ultimate deciding factor. How well the person dresses sends a signal to the judge about how much he or she really cares about the divorce case, and could potentially affect the divorce case in a negative manner.


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CA family lawyerMarriage can be one of the most exciting events in a person’s life. With the time and commitment put into the relationship, it is a relief to see everything pay off after each spouse exchanges vows. Even though many couples plan to get married every year, the number of marriages has dropped significantly for many reasons. The fear of potentially filing for divorce could be a big factor as well, but many millennials are not ready to settle down or are financially prepared, among other reasons.

Factors in the Decline in Marriage Rates

Research has shown that individuals who are pushing back the idea of getting married do so for the following reasons:


CA family lawyerGoing through a divorce has been proven to be one of the most challenging experiences for parents who decide to file. When children are involved, divorce tends to be a much more complicated process. Making decisions on child support, child custody, and visitation rights can be tough. If the child’s grandparents are involved in his or her life, then they may have the opportunity to file for visitation rights, under certain conditions.

When Are Visitation Rights Granted to the Grandparents?

A grandparent can ask for visitation rights with his or her grandchild under California law. However, there are some criteria that must be met for these rights to be officially granted. The court must find that there is a pre-existing relationship between the grandchild and grandparent, and visitation rights are in the best interest of the grandchild. The court must also take into account the best interest of the child in having visitation with the grandparent with the parents’ rights to make decisions for the child.


CA family lawyerChild support can be a very complicated process. Having to make changes to an already established child support order may make the situation even more complex. There are many reasons as to why an order may need to be changed, but the order can be changed at any time.

Why Would a Child Support Order Be Changed?

Depending on the child’s parents’ change in lifestyle or other situations, there may be a need to change a child support order. Some of the reasons include but are certainly not limited to:

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