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CA divorce lawyerThe World Cup has been delaying divorces in the United Kingdom, according to a British divorce firm. This firm reports that upon England’s soccer team reaching the quarterfinals, the number of people inquiring about divorce has dropped significantly. According to the firm, they have seen a 36 percent drop in the number of cases it typically handles during the first three weeks of the World Cup.

This trend is confirmed by Google search data using divorce terms. Divorce-related search terms also have seen a sharp drop during the World Cup soccer tournament. The firm also experienced a reduction in divorce inquiries in 2010. That year England was badly beaten by Germany in the tournament’s knockout stages.

 The firm anticipates that the trend will continue as long as England continues to progress. They predict that when England is knocked out or wins the tournament, divorce interest will resume normal levels.


CA divorce lawyerWe have all heard the oft-repeated figure that half of all marriages end in divorce, but looking at the numbers, that statistic is not entirely accurate. That half of all marriages end in divorce is actually a prediction from the 1980 U.S. census report.

The report said that half of the couples married between 1976 and 1977 would end up divorced and that divorce rates would increase. However, this has not happened.

According to the National Survey of Family Growth, the chances of a first marriage lasting at least 10 years was 68 percent for women and 70 percent for men married between 2006 and 2010. Other economists say that about 70 percent of marriages from the 1990s reached fifteen years (excluding those in which a spouse died), which is up from about 65 percent of those that began in the 1970s and 1980s.


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CA divorce lawyerMany divorces are caused, at least in part, by money troubles. While there is often substantial attention given to dividing assets like bank accounts and property, many couples also have to determine how debts will be divided.

Usually, if the parties agree to a financial arrangement to divide the debt, a court will accept it. However, if the parties cannot agree, they will be bound by the court’s decision. A family law attorney can assist in negotiations, protecting your interests and possibly keeping the parties in control of their own property division.

Debt Belongs to Both Spouses


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CA family lawyerIn California, paternity law can be complicated and is not always predictable to laypeople. One such area is when the law will assume that a man is the father even if the child is not biologically his.

One circumstance in which the law assumes that a certain man is the father of a child is when the man is married to the mother and the child is born during the marriage. Another circumstance is when a man has been living with the mother and child as a family and the man has promptly shown commitment to the child.

If neither of these sets of facts aligns with your scenario, then you likely will be required to establish paternity through the courts.


b2ap3_thumbnail_parents.jpgThe birth of a child is one of the most exciting experiences in a parent’s life. Many decades ago, unmarried parenthood was a major cause for concern on society. Today, more and more parents are avoiding marriage altogether and still looking forward to having children. Their attitudes toward parenthood are about the same as before, but their attitudes toward marriage have changed significantly.

Parenthood and Its Effect on Millennials

Several years ago, a young couple who found out they were expecting a child would have worked quickly to get married, as most couples were married by the time they had their first child. Now, in today’s society, having a child without getting married is not viewed as bad. Many couples today see having a child out of wedlock as an advantage.

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