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CA child support lawyerThe experience of having a child can be one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. However, even though there are many childbirths each year, there has been a significant decrease in that amount over the past several years. Many reasons may include lack of financial stability, shifted focus on career goals, or even a simple fear of having to potentially file for divorce and obtain child support.

Statistics Showing Decrease in Birth Rates

The birth rate has reached a historic low in the state of California, mostly due to the decision by a large number of millennials to put off parenthood to establish a career and to obtain an education.


CA family lawyerChild support can be a very complicated process. Having to make changes to an already established child support order may make the situation even more complex. There are many reasons as to why an order may need to be changed, but the order can be changed at any time.

Why Would a Child Support Order Be Changed?

Depending on the child’s parents’ change in lifestyle or other situations, there may be a need to change a child support order. Some of the reasons include but are certainly not limited to:


San Jose child support attorney child support calculatorWhen parents decide to separate or divorce, it is important to understand how much they will be required to pay for child support. All parents are required to provide financial support for their children, whether they are married or not. To help parents determine the correct amount of child support under California’s child support guidelines, the state has provided an online child support calculator. Here are some tips for using this tool to calculate your child support payments:

What Documents Should Be Included When Calculating Child Support?

Calculating child support is different in each situation. However, there are several documents which parents can compile that are useful when determining child support. These documents can include tax returns, paycheck stubs, and W2 or 1099 forms, as well as any documents that provide details about:


San Jose child support enforcement attorney, child support paymentsA child support agreement or order can be meaningless if the paying parent refuses to follow it. In these circumstances, the other parent can utilize a number of strategies and mechanisms to force the paying parent to make child support payment.

Under California law, both parents are responsible for the support of their children. Child support is essential to your child’s health and wellbeing. Thus, it is important to follow through with child support enforcement.

On the other hand, if you are ordered to pay child support, sometimes the amount ordered is wrong or should be changed due to a change in circumstances. Other times, the mechanisms for enforcement utilized by the other parent are not based on true or complete information.


b2ap3_thumbnail_child-support-and-bankruptcy-San-Jose.jpgIf you or your ex is filing for bankruptcy, you may be concerned with how the bankruptcy will affect child support payments. Child support payments and obligations will not be paused or excused if bankruptcy proceedings are initiated. The law views child support payments as a critical obligation and will not let parents escape their obligations to provide for their children.

Two Types of Bankruptcy

There are two types of bankruptcy for which individuals can file: Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy wipes out your debt by selling certain assets to pay creditors and canceling the rest of your debt.

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