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CA divorce lawyerIt seems like every week a new study comes out purporting to identify a new risk factor for divorce. Divorce is something many people seek to avoid, so these articles are usually popular with readers.

As with any study, there is often more than one way to interpret the results, and sometimes the headline gets it wrong or does not tell the whole story. In this blog post, we will look at three recently identified risk factors for divorce.

Being Rich


CA divorce lawyerFor many families, pets are considered integral members. When spouses divorce, determining who gets custody of pets can become contentious.

California has recently passed a law that defines the authority judges have to decide when they determine who will keep the family pet. The law provides that judge will be able to review certain factors in making this decision and that the process will be similar to the way child custody matters are handled.

While the new law still treats pets as community property, a court will determine pet custody by weighing such factors such as which spouse feeds the pet, who brings the pet to the veterinarian, who takes the pet on walks, and who protects them. The new law will go into effect on January 1, 2019.


CA divorce lawyerIf you are going through a divorce, there are things you should consider when posting to social media. Social media can reveal a lot of information about you, and it can create trouble for you if you are party to a family law case such as divorce, asset division, or child custody.

Typically, it is wise to change your privacy settings so that your profile cannot be viewed by those who you do not know. However, social media profile access can be tricky in family law cases because some of those you are “Facebook friends” with may be related to your ex or may be closer friends with your ex than to you.

That is why in family law cases, even if your profile is set to private, you must think about what you post and what information someone can glean from your social media pages.


CA divorce lawyerThe military tends to create its own insular culture, and so it comes as no surprise that military divorces present unique legal and practical issues. To help you and your family arrive at a satisfactory result in your divorce proceedings, it is important to hire legal counsel that understands these special military circumstances.

The attorney at our firm is a former Marine as well as an experienced family law litigator. The following issues and scenarios may come up in your military divorce.

Child Custody and Child Support


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CA divorce lawyerIs there such a thing as divorce fever? One recent study says yes.

If one or more couples in your friend group or extended family are getting a divorce, researchers say that you could soon follow suit. According to this research, divorces tend to happen near the same time in social groups.

The study reports that a married person is 75 percent more likely to end his or her marriage if that person has a friend who is divorced. Even if your social circle has no divorces, your risk of divorce could be elevated. The study found that if a friend of a friend is divorced, your risk of divorce goes up by 33 percent.

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