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How to Use the Summer to Make the Most of Child-Parent Time

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San Jose child custody attorney, child-parent timeSummertime often brings a change to child custody arrangements. Summer schedules allow for more time for parents to spend with children and may mean that the child lives with a different parent.

If done right, summer can be a great bonding time for parents and children. However, because summertime often means a change in visitation schedules, problems can emerge.

If you have any questions about what your custody arrangement means for your family this summer, you should speak to a family law attorney to settle any possible disputes at the outset.

Consider the following tips to make your family’s summer enjoyable:

  1. Keep summer plans child-focused. While you may be excited to spend more time with your child because he or she is not in school, keep in mind that this time is valuable to your child as well. Your child may wish to enroll in a camp to further certain interests. Your child may also want to spend part of summer vacation with friends or extended family members. Try to balance those desires with quality time with parents.

  2. Encourage the child to have fun with the other parent. Be excited about the opportunities that the other parent has arranged. If the other parent is planning a trip a national park or to another country, your child will enjoy learning with you about the things he or she will see on vacation.

  3. Do not succumb to parental power struggles. The most important thing to keep in mind is whether a child will enjoy and be edified by an activity, no matter which parent planned it. With summer comes more relaxed schedules, and it is important to remain flexible and to keep a child’s best interests in mind.

  4. Avoid the phrase “my time." Custody and visitation should not be framed as "my time" and "his or her time." It is crucial to remember that no matter who has visitation or custody, the time ultimately belongs to the child. Framing custody arrangements this way encourages arguments and combativeness.

Contact a San Jose Child Custody Lawyer

If you are concerned about the upcoming summer vacation, speaking to a lawyer could help. Maybe you need clarity on what your custody order provides. Maybe you are concerned that the other parent will not abide by the agreement. There are some issues that can be rectified ahead of time.

The knowledgeable San Jose, CA child custody attorney at Dominion Law Group, LLP can answer any questions you may have about handling summer visitations. Contact our firm today by calling 408-288-5592.


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