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The courts always decide child custody and visitation matters in favor of "the best interests of the child." Whenever possible, they try to maintain or establish a situation in which the child enjoys the company and guidance of both parents. The court can deny custody or place limits on visitation by a parent, and make provision for custody or visitation by grandparents or third party individuals.

Grandparents Child Custody Attorney

At the Dominion Law Group, LLP, our grandparents rights lawyers have extensive experience in all aspects of child custody and visitation. We understand what the court looks at in child custody cases.

We know how to avoid pitfalls in child custody evaluations. We know how to present convincing arguments to the court, and have represented numerous grandparents in child custody and visitation matters.

Visitation Rights for Grandparents

In some cases, grandparents seek only the opportunity to periodically spend some time with their grandchildren. In others, grandparents are driven by their concern for the well-being of their grandchild to seek custody because of the lifestyle of the parent or the environment in which the child is living.

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Whatever the reason for your concern, the attorneys at the Dominion Law Group, LLP can provide sound legal advice and representation. In child custody and visitation matters, we always try to find the right solution for our client—and the child.

For a consultation with a San Jose grandparent child custody lawyer at the Dominion Law Group, LLP, call 408-288-5592 or contact us online. We serve clients in Campbell, Los Gatos, Santa Clara, Cupertino, Milpitas, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Santa Clara County, Silicon Valley, and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

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