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California courts recognize that both parents play a significant role in a child's life, and are apt to grant joint physical custody to a mother and a father. But, this means more on paper than it does in actual situations. In general, a child will live with one parent most of the time, while the other has a detailed visitation schedule. It is this parenting time plan that gives structure to the familial relationship.

There is no such thing as a normal visitation or parenting plan. That is because family law courts always decide in favor of the best interests of the child, and this varies from case to case.

Child Visitation Rights in San Jose

At the Dominion Law Group, LLP, we represent both mothers and fathers in child custody and visitation matters. Our family law attorneys pay special attention to all matters of child custody and the factors that help determine the outcome. Our goal is always to protect the rights and interests of our clients, while working for the best interests of the child.

Factors Determining Visitation

To determine what is right for you and your children, you and the court must consider:

  • Your children's ages
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Your work schedule
  • The other parent's schedule
  • Your physical location
  • Your children's relationship with each parent
  • Your expected child support contribution
  • And other factors

It is usually beneficial to consider these factors on your own and make agreements through negotiations with the other party. That is why we encourage families to use the collaborative law method to settle their divorce. The process is less contentious than traditional litigation, and it often creates win-win solutions that both parties agree to. In addition, the process often helps parents work together on other issues that arise after the separation is final.

Modifying Parenting Time Schedules

Circumstances change. If your current parenting time plan no longer fits your or your child's needs, the lawyers at Dominion Law Group, LLP can help modify it. Formal modifications are important because if you do not follow the original agreement — even if you and the other party verbally agree to it — you may be held in contempt of court.

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