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If your former spouse fails to comply with the divorce decree, you can seek enforcement actions. A judge may find your ex-spouse in contempt of court, resulting in jail time. Or, you can pursue wage garnishments for unpaid child support and spousal support (alimony). Depending on the circumstances of your case, other types of enforcement actions may be possible.

Divorce Judgment Enforcement in San Jose

The Dominion Law Group, LLP helps clients seek enforcement of:

We provide sound legal guidance in these matters, while protecting the rights and interests of you and your children.

What Enforcement Method Should You Use?

We understand that different methods of enforcement work better for some circumstances than others. For example, holding someone in contempt of court for not paying child support is a good lesson for some, but if the party does not have enough money to pay support, then it still will not achieve the desired result.

When examining a potential divorce decree violation, we look at the facts of the situation. Our experience allows us to take those facts and develop a solution that best serves our clients needs.

Contact a San Jose Judgment Enforcement Lawyer

Sometimes the only viable course of action is to file a civil lawsuit. Is your former spouse denying you assets granted to you during property division? Were you supposed to receive a portion of retirement funds, but did not? The attorneys at the Dominion Law Group, LLP are skilled trial lawyers with significant experience handling difficult and complex family law cases. We seek to obtain what is rightfully yours.

For a consultation with a San Jose family law lawyer to discuss the enforcement of your divorce decree, call the Dominion Law Group, LLP at 408-288-5592 or contact us online.

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